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Christmas Carol Time

Every year, friends ask me where I will be singing christmas carols so they can come along, as they would like to go to maybe one carol service, so they might as well go to one that their friend is singing in. So every year I take one unpaid christmas carol service because all the rest I do (and do get paid for) are not open to the public. Make this year the first year I don't do that for nothing.

on Sunday 29th November, at 6.30pm at Emmanuel Church, Lyncroft Gardens, West Hampstead there will be an Advent Carol Service with me in it. There will be congregational carols, but also the choir will do a LOT of christmas anthems:

Gerald Finzi Concluding Amen
Herbert Howells A spotless rose
William Lloyd Webber Love Divine, all loves excelling
Paul Manz E'en so, Lord Jesus, quickly come
William McKie We wait for Thy loving kindness, O God
Edward Woodall Naylor Vox dicentis: Clama
arr. Jonathan Rathbone Gabriel's Message
John Rutter A Crown of Glory
John Rutter There is a flower
Peter Warlock As dew in Aprylle
Charles Wood O Thou, the central orb

it is pretty nifty, transport-wise, being a short walk from West Hampstead (Jubilee Line, Thameslink AND Overground) and lots of buses. as they helpfully don't have their postcode handy on the web for tfl-goodness, have a look at their handy guide http://www.emmanuelnw6.com/pages/howtofindus.html

The service will last about an hour and a half, and then there is free food and wine, which is always tasty. There is then a pub over the road too. As it's a service, it's completely free, although there will be a collection.

Apart from Midnight Mass in the city, I probably won't be involved in any other carols like this this Christmas.


looky! I can post a set list! me! ha!

First 'set':
Zip (Rita Hayworth mimes to this in Pal Joey, it's about being a stripper with a brain)
More Than Words (yes, that one)
Beer Bottle Mama (an old standard about booze in an attempt to get people to buy us drinks in the break)
Beginning To See The Light (because it was Bright Club: Light. obviously. featuring bass solo by Charlie and my House tribute trumpet solo)

Second 'set'
Dream a Little Dream of Me (as an excuse to have me on uke and Charlie on her double bass uke (double plus good))
Ain't No Doubt (replete with appalling geordie impression from me, and shouting from Neil)
Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend (segue into...)
Peel Me A Grape
Teenage Kicks

...and we're done.

the audience were chuffing lovely, and hugely indulgent of our poor jokes and word-forgetting. it was all so impossibly exciting, even though I felt physically sick for hours beforehand, and even Charlie kept going to the loo every five minutes, so it wasn't just me that was worried!

Photos, mp3s, more gigs, a myspazz page etc etc all to follow.

ann coulter

she has one of those hateful utterly unmusical speaking voices, doesn't she? it perfectly matches the bile coming out of her mouth.

I say this because tonight I am gimping for Robin at TAM London, which he describes as me "caterwauling" while he reads from Ann Coulter. So I have been sitting through the appalling youtube clips of her.

I am at my friend Jane's house, I stayed over last night and cooked dinner. I haven't left because some of our friends are coming over for lunch and I really want to see them all. But it does mean I have almost lost a day (and haven't tried to blag into any of the TAM lectures. I feel really really stupid reading about all the speakers. All these scientist types are so darned clever, and all these skeptical types are so darned articulately angry. I just sing and think about boys.)

apparently there are tickets available seperately (as opposed to for the whole conference) for tonight's gig (it's at the Mermaid Theatre), so if you want, you could come! http://www.tamlondon.org


I can recommend red wine, night nurse, and shutting kittens out of the bedroom.

That said, I am a wee bit down. I am late (just eating breakfast) and really not looking forward to lugging the double bass to Fulham and then on to the South Bank. Almost enough to not be looking forward to the gig. What is wrong with me? It probably doesn't help that I spent hours yesterday rehearsing a struggle/attempted rape scene and my back hurts.

are you coming to see the shows? it's Pestival tonight, and Don Giovanni next friday and saturday. Don G is selling steadily, but it would be awesome if it was full, and people are always saying they WANT to come and see me sing...WELL HERE'S YOUR CHANCE! Pestival, I think is a more serious issue. People who just like insects are not so good at promoting festivals in major London venues, when I spoke to Robin earlier this week, he was surprisingly calm about it, but keen to promote it. After all, it will be brilliant, I am mostly excited about Dawn Of The Maggots.

Bye now!

will update in the morning

but for now

I went out into my garden

Originally uploaded by catbo
and the fox I disturbed didn't run away, so I took pictures. not good pictures, but pictures. We both just sat and looked at each other for a while.


Originally uploaded by catbo
I made these! I am *well* proud. And I even thought to rub out the contact details before putting this on flickr.
I don't know where my cat is. we still haven't found her. the more I think about it, the less likely it is she's alive - she's so frail and she can only just jump onto people's laps, let alone over walls. She is not in our house and she is not in the garden.
I just came back from this stupid audition, which I think went ok, but I could hardly concentrate - I just wanted to cry (which I am finally allowing myself to do now I am home for five minutes)

I just wish I knew where she was and if she's alright! I'd hate her to be stuck somewhere on her own...she's only little...and she gets incredibly lonely, even when everyone's just in another room...

turns out my new mascara is SPECTACULARLY un-waterproof.

still no sign of Tigger


my mum's just gone out along the street calling for her.

It's just that she's so old - she won't have gone out into the street because the street terrifies her, and she can't jump very high, so realistically she can't have gone much beyond the gardens adjacent to ours...and we've been calling and calling.

and now i have to try and not think about it because I have a stupid stinking audition.